Honu Experience

3848 McHenry Ave
Suite 135-294
Modesto, CA 95356

Work (510) 750-3939
 (209) 910-4668

CA License # 887684

Our unique approach...

We provide affordable, efficient and conscientious cabling, telephone and voicemail system installation and maintenance. Normally when you think of contractors you automatically think of messy and overpriced service. We provide just the opposite of that. We are conscientious in several ways. We do not seek to gouge our customers by overbidding. We are usually awarded bids for this reason. We offer honest appraisals and seek out solutions of which most contractors take advantage. We walk customers through all foreseeable considerations ahead of time minimizing surprises. As we are working, we use drop cloths, insuring all valuables are covered. We continuously pick up scraps and extraneous cables as to support a safe environment. Our work areas provide minimal impact on in service work environments. Once work is completed it is guaranteed for 1 year. We make ourselves available for consultation, training and questions on newly installed systems.